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When the first edition of Human-Computer Interaction was launched in 1993, extensive teacher's materials were made available free to adopters of the text book through Prentice Hall agents world-wide and electronically by FTP. A 100 page bound teacher's book included answers to all exercises and also project suggestions. In addition, a complete set of OHP masters was available to those who adopted the book as course text.

These materials and more are available from this web site.

The exercises (with many worked answers) are available on the web. They can also be accessed from the table of contents.

The additional design projects can be used as end of term projects or assessments. Further tutorial suggestions will be available shortly.

Access notes for teachers for further information about using these materials, together with the text, for HCI courses. (Also available to download (260K) in PDF format.)

See also teaching materials from our own HCI courses and chapter-by-chapter links to web resources.


OHP masters

OHP masters are available in a number of formats: Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT), Adobe PDF and either compressed postscript (ps.Z) or rich text format (rtf.Z).

FTP access

OHP masters (except PPT) for use with the book are available by ftp at:



The masters are available in both US-letter and A4 format. There is no difference between the materials offered, except that they have been formatted slightly differently to print on different sized paper.

The ftp site has a README file containing copyright and general information and two subdirectories US-letter and a4 containing the corresponding versions of the materials.

In each subdirectory there are overhead transparencies for each chapter, and cover sheets. Most of the contents are in PostScript (slides.##.ps.Z), but some of the overhead slide masters are in RTF format from Microsoft Word (slides.##.rtf.Z). All files are compressed using UNIX compress. The PDF and PPT files are uncompressed so you should be able to click and view them from most web browsers.

Full file list

(note size is for rtf.Z or ps.Z files, PDFs are typically about twice as big and some of the PPT files are significantly larger - max 1.5Mb.)

  size (rtf or ps) PDF and PPT
README 3 kb download
complete OHPs 1.3 Mb zipped PDF
exercises.ps.Z 152 kb US-letter A4 PDF
sldchap.ps.Z 19 kb US-letter A4 PDF
sldcover.ps.Z 6 kb US-letter A4
slides.1.ps.Z 59 kb US-letter A4 PDF PPT
slides.2.rtf.Z 36 kb US-letter A4 PDF PPT
slides.3.rtf.Z 10 kb US-letter A4 PDF PPT
slides.4.rtf.Z 5 kb US-letter A4 PDF PPT
slides.5.rtf.Z 13 kb US-letter A4 PDF PPT
slides.6.ps.Z 71 kb US-letter A4 PDF PPT
slides.7.ps.Z 81 kb US-letter A4 PDF PPT
slides.8.ps.Z 69 kb US-letter A4 PDF PPT
slides.9.ps.Z 74 kb US-letter A4 PDF PPT
slides.10.rtf.Z 19 kb US-letter A4 PDF PPT
slides.11.ps.Z 41 kb US-letter A4 PDF PPT
slides.12.ps.Z 42 kb US-letter A4 PDF PPT
slides.13.ps.Z 89 kb US-letter A4 PDF PPT
slides.14.ps.Z 87 kb US-letter A4 PDF PPT
slides.15.rtf.Z 17 kb US-letter A4 PDF PPT


Design projects

Teachers' notes


These materials are made available solely for use in conjunction with Human-Computer Interaction. They are NOT public domain and copyright remains with the authors.

HCI resources on the Web

We are building a set of links to HCI resources on the Web, including more teaching resources of our own and links to other sites arranged on a chapter by chapter basis. This is very much an ongoing project, so please feel free to suggest additions.

Dealing with Unix compressed (.Z) files on the Mac

Mac-compress3.2 can uncompress UNIX compressed files. You can download it from the ZDNet mac software library at:

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