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** See the complete mapping between sections in the new and old editions **

The first edition of Human-Computer Interaction was a success not only as a major text book world-wide, but also as a key reference text used by HCI academics and professionals. In preparing this second edition of Human-Computer Interaction, we endeavoured to retain those features which have contributed to this success, but also to update it and improve its readability and appearance.

New material

As well as general updates and minor amendments there were some significant additions:

screen design

3D I/O devices

world wide web design

software agents

soft systems design and requirements methods

virtual and augmented reality

information visualisation

Although we have largely tried to retain the original structure, there have been particularly extensive additions to Chapter 15. This has therefore been split into two new chapters; the first dealing mainly with different senses (but including virtual reality) and the second (new chapter 16) with hypertext, multimedia and the web.

New feature - Design Focus

Throughout the book, design focus boxes are used to highlight practical examples and 'how to do it' advice. Some of these boxes highlight existing examples from the first edition, others have been added for the second edition.

Web site

There will be an extensive web site to go with the book. This will include:

Backwards compatibility

Our aim is that if a course refers to the old edition, students can, with a little translation, use the new one, or if the course refers to the new edition students can still use the old one.

No parts of the book have been removed, but a few existing parts have been moved either within their chapters, or in one case between chapters. In addition Chapter 15 has been split into two new chapters as described above.

The new <-> old mapping on the web site will be particularly important during the period when both editions of the book are in common use amongst students.


We have had extensive feedback on the first edition both face-to-face and via email. Although not every suggestion has been followed we are grateful to everyone who has taken time to tell us their experiences in using the book and suggestions for improvement. Without this feedback the second edition would be far poorer. We hope that you will all continue to give us your opinions, good and bad, of the second edition, and we hope to use the book's web pages to respond to these with errata, extra material and useful links. Do mail us too with interesting urls which we can link to.

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