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Foreword xi

Preface to the second edition xiii

Preface to the first edition xv

Introduction 1


Part I Foundations 9

Chapter 1 - The human

Chapter 2 - The computer

Chapter 3 - The interaction


Part II Design practice 141

Chapter 4 - Usability paradigms and principles

Chapter 5 - The design process

Chapter 6 - Models of the user in design

Chapter 7 - Task analysis

Chapter 8 - Dialog notations and design

Chapter 9 - Models of the system

Chapter 10 - Implementation support

Chapter 11 - Evaluation techniques

Chapter 12 - Help and documentation


Part III Application areas 461

Chapter 13 - Groupware

Chapter 14 - CSCW and social issues

Chapter 15 - Out of the glass box

Chapter 16 - Hypertext, multimedia and the World Wide Web


References 611


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