Human-Computer Interaction
first edition

Dix, Finlay, Abowd and Beale


When the first edition of Human-Computer Interaction was launched in 1993, extensive teacher's materials were made available free to adopters of the text book through Prentice Hall agents world-wide. A 100 page bound teacher's book included answers to all exercises and also project suggestions. In addition, a complete set of OHP masters was available to those who adopted the book as course text.

These materials have also been available electronically by ftp in US letter and A4 format.

For the second edition these materials were expanded significantly on our new web site and this has bene the normal method of access since then.

FTP sites

Teaching materials are no longer available via FTP.

For materials for first or second edition please go to second edition resources page.

For the thord edition please go to hcibook/e3 resources page.


These materials is made available solely for use in conjunction with Human-Computer Interaction. They are NOT public domain and copyright remains with the authors.

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